Cookies from

They were quick to deliver and plus, who doesn’t love a personalized thank you card in the package. Business, done right!

I have three reasons why i beleive these are great to snack on:

1. If i am exercising, i want to ensure my milk supply doesn’t get depleted.

2. When i’m feeling sleep deprived, my milk supply gets a boost.

3. Better to snack on a lactation cookie than something else in the pantry that doesnt have any benefits.

I have tried all these cookies and here is my order of preference:


Totally Devoted – Feeding Cookies with Fenugreek and Fennel

These taste the most authentic. The other brands taste quite manufactured and powdery.   Personally, I like the healthy taste and fragrance of these cookies. So yum  I am purchasing the choc chip version too, why not?!

Franjo’s Kitchen – Choc Chip Lactation Biscuits

These cookies are half the size so you feel like you could eat quite a few. Plenty of goodness in these bite sized cookies though!

Pinky’s Boobie Bikkies – Vanilla

Taste quite artificial and very chewy. The best part though, they’re individually wrapped so you can pop one in your bag for later.